No water or electricity needed

Green Toilet system

Green Toilet can bring a safe, pleasant-to-use, ecological toilet anywhere. It is not just a toilet, but a complete system to handle the whole sanitation process: from sitting down to restoring the valuable nutrients to the soil. All this can be done without any water or electricity.

Green Toilet as product has a system approach, which means, that by choosing the right Green Toilet model and suitable accessories you can have a composting toilet that matches exactly your needs.

Ease of use with batch composting

The use of the Green Toilet is based on batch composting. When an active Green Toilet container in the toilet becomes full, it is pulled out and an empty Green Toilet container is replaced to the toilet. The full composting container is covered with a closed lid and set aside to decompose to ready mulch. The service can be done in minutes without any tools and there is no need to handle raw toilet waste at any point.

With the Green Toilet spare containers, the system can be scaled up as much as needed. Inside the spare containers the compost will turn into ready mulch safely, ecologically and without extra energy.

Scalable system
With the Green Toilet spare containers, the system can be scaled up as much as needed
Odor free
Green Toilet’s unique design keeps the toilet completely odor free!
Make compost
The compost inside the Green Toilet constantly stays perfectly moist.

Efficient composting with unique double base design

The power of the Green Toilet lies inside in the structure of the composting container. It has a special capillary double base inside, which works like an underwatering flowerpot. It allows excess liquid to drain out, but also some liquid to be absorbed backwards to the compost mass. As a result, the compost inside the Green Toilet constantly stays perfectly moist for efficient composting process. This unique design also keeps the toilet odor free and enables the composting process to start already while the toilet is in use.

Flexible dry toilet system

As water closet as a technique is always more or less the same, a dry toilet should always be chosen carefully and adapted to the use case. The Green Toilet System has suitable options for many kinds of needs: private or public, seasonal or continuous use in all climates from Arctic Circle to Australia.

The core of the system is always the Green Toilet composting container, but other parts can be chosen by the case: size of the system, seats, fans, filters etc.

Customise it
Customise your own Green Toilet by choosing from various accessories.
Since 1990's
The core idea of the Green Toilet has remained the same for three decades.

Long proven use history

Green Toilet has been produced in Finland since the early 90’s. Many of those first Green Toilets are still in use. During the years the product has evolved, and the Green Toilet product family grown, but the core idea has remained the same.

As a result of the long history and thousands of happy users, we know that the Green Toilet works. With the expertise of us and our dealers, we can provide you with a toilet solution that is both pleasant to use and easy to service.

Perfect for outdoors

Originally, the Green Toilet was designed to the traditional outhouse to bring a good toilet to a holiday home where there is no sewage. Many features of the Green Toilet make it easy to install it to an existing structure. It is also easy to use by anyone and does not require special skills or tools for service. A holiday homeowner can concentrate on spending quality free time at the cottage, not shoveling toilet waste.

No special skills or tools needed, no waste shoveling!
Green Toilet Lux
Just like a regular porcelain toilet!

Brilliant for indoors

The Green Toilet Lux has rapidly become a hit in indoor use. All the good features of the Green Toilet have been combined with a modern, shiny white porcelain pedestal. It is a toilet that will surely satisfy even the most rigorous quality expectations. Green Toilet Lux is a toilet that anyone can use – there is no need to teach the users in any way. It is a toilet that will serve for decades with low energy and long service intervals.

Green Toilet in public use

Since the early 90’s, the Green Toilet has been taken into use in many public toilets: marinas, golf courses, far away touristic attractions, nature trails etc. the Green Toilet System offers a cost-effective way to build and maintain a good toilet for the visitors. It also gives the green advantage in marketing: the Green Toilet is an ecological toilet that saves water and restores the nutrients back to the earth.

Based on the experience of hundreds of public toilets completed, we can offer our know-how to you. Engage us to planning and avoid any unpleasant surprises.

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Helsinki outhouse
Public toilet for nature hikers in Helsinki, Finland using Green Toilet.
Urine separation
The Green Toilet Light is ideal for family use.

Green Toilet Light with urine-separating seat

The new urine-separating Green Toilet Light was introduced in 2023. Unlike the other Green Toilets, The Green Toilet Light separates urine already in the seat. The Light is installed directly on floor and is therefore an ideal solution for seasonal family use both in outhouses and indoors.

The Green Toilet Light includes a warm thermal seat. And like other Green Toilet -products, the Light also has a simple robust structure without any moving parts that would break in use. The Light is odorless and pleasant to use even a in cold space. The Green Toilet Light has ventilation and urine hose outlets on both sides so it adapts perfectly for every toilet space. The Green Toilet Light is serviced from the backside where it has a solid waste container. For more information, please review the installation and user manual.

Green Toilet products

Green Toilet 330 is the original Green Toilet composting toilet from the early 1990s. With extensive capacity and all the great features of the Green Toilet, the 330 makes itself a perfect solution for public sites.

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Green Toilet 120 Family is the smaller version of the Green Toilets. The lighter 120 liter capacity and core features, the 120 is ideal for private family use in holiday homes and summer cottages.

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Green Toilet Lux represents the newest and most advanced indoor composting toilet systems on the market. All the benefits of the Green Toilet added with a beautiful porcelain seat make together probably the best composting toilet.

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Green Toilet 100 Easy greentoilet-fi

Green Toilet 100 Easy is the newest addition to the Green Toilet product family. The Green Toilet 100 Easy is a batch composting toilet that separates excess liquids similarly to the Green Toilet 120 and 330 models, through a double base layer inside the composting container. The Green Toilet 100 Easy has a spare container option for batch composting.

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Green Toilet Light Urine Separating

Green Toilet Light is the urine-diverting addition to the Green Toilet product family. The Light separates urine already in the seat and easy to install directly on the floor. For more information please read the brochure and manual below.

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green toilet lux
helsinki outhouse
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helsinki outhouse in spring
Spacious outhouse
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green toilet outhouse in marketanpuisto espoo
Turku city green toilets

Green Toilet in outdoor use

Green Toilet in indoor use

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